Elker Pride

Francis S. Grandinetti Elementary is staffed with highly qualified faculty and dedicated staff members who are fully invested in the success of every student. Whether they’re engaging the students in thought-provoking discussions, hands-on projects, small-group mentoring, or other interesting activities and academic opportunities, our teachers and aides give 100% in everything they do.

Elker Elite

FSG Elementary School fosters a feeling of school pride through our school-wide effective behavior program, entitled “ELKER Pride.” During the school year, students learn about the rules of good behavior and the behavioral expectations we have as a school. In addition to building sound academic skills, our school realizes that we must also work to provide an atmosphere in which students can grow in character, self-concept, self-image, self-respect, self-worth, and self-esteem.

The skills emphasized in the ELKER Pride Program are designed to support our students’ growth into successful adults. The administration, faculty, and staff at FSG believe out school wide ELKER rules will help establish common expectations and a positive atmosphere. Engaging in positive behaviors will result in students enhancing positive school pride and personal pride.

What does “Elker Pride” mean?

Hover or click the letters below to find out! We strongly encourage parents to talk with their children about feeling ELKER Pride and following the ELKER concepts at home. Teachers will also be reinforcing these concepts in the classroom all year long!







To empower all children to succeed.

Our School Cheer:

“I am here at FSG to do my best. 
I will ask questions when I don’t understand,
And always give my friends a helping hand.
I will be polite, respectful, on time,
under control, and follow directions.
Listen, as I say out loud…
That makes me PROUD!
I will be an achiever and always wait my turn,
With a smile on my face, I am ready to learn!”